Accurately track road network health without leaving the office


One of the biggest challenges faced by Australian road maintainers is working out how to spend a limited budget effectively. To do this, road maintainers need accurate, consistent, quantifiable road surface assessments.  

Magpeye analyses smartphone footage of roads, kerbs, channels and footpaths to detect, categorise, geographically locate and assess the severity of faults. 

It can pick up hazardous defects such as potholes or texture loss, condition related issues like fatigue cracking or ravelling, and other features such as overhanging branches or white line defects. 


Magpeye AI assessing an urban road

Manuel Surveying: less accurate, expensive, poses safety risks    

2021 report by the Victorian Auditor General found that “compared with modern equipment, visual surveying”:

“Cannot detect many subsurface defects that are critical to planning…Can be less reliable due to the potential for human error”

“Can be less efficient, particularly for long road networks”

“Poses more safety risks, because surveyors need to leave their vehicles and stand on roads more often”

The Magpeye system can provide road maintainers with a detailed, consistent picture of road health across the whole network that can be used to effectively plan future works, or monitor subcontractor performance. It’s also more economical than manual inspections, and frees up roadmaintenance staff to do more of what they do best: fixing and improving road surfaces. If you’d like more information feel to reach out, or request a free demo of our online application, or download our brochure



Magpeye’s footage can be captured by any vehicle traveling at normal driving speeds, and eliminates the need to take trained engineers away from their jobs for months at a time. In the best cases, vehicles like garbage trucks cover the entire road network in the ordinary course of business, so by equipping them with cameras, our AI can perform surface assessments every week without incurring costs at all.

Accurate, Standardised, Readable Data

Our Artificially Intelligent assessments are also more consistent than manual inspections, since all footage is assessed by exactly the same AI analyst. They’re far more detailed too. Every fault on the road is recorded and geo-located so human analysts can benefit from comprehensive reports paired with defect imagery and annotated footage.

 Instead of being tabulated in spreadsheets, road-faults are contextualised using Google Maps. Readability is essential for public  engagement and transparency, reduces training time and minimises knowledge loss when employees depart the agency.


Tailored AI Systems

Each road network is unique, but we believe that every road maintainer in Australia can benefit from automatic fault detection. Our aim is to use our AI to generate exactly the same road surface assessment reports that your manual assessors are handing in today, plus some extra goodies to make life easier for your analysts.

Maybe you already have a sophisticated road fault tracking system in place? Great! Our expert software developers can integrate Magpeye into your existing infrastructure so you can enjoy cutting-edge AI improvements to your current manual procedures.

Perhaps your jurisdiction faces unusual technical challenges? Huge, seldom-traveled stretches of road? Inclement weather or soil conditions? Extreme budget constraints? Whatever the circumstance, we’re confident our technology can make your job easier and cut your costs.

Sounds like our AI could help your jurisdiction? Perhaps you just want to know more about our process? Don’t hesitate to get in touch for more information or to arrange a free consultation. We’re always keen to talk to hard working road maintenance experts around Australia about the challenges they face.