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AI-Powered Pavement Assessments with Smartphones


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Manual asset condition assessments are boring, error-prone, data-poor and expensive. But there is an alternative.

Feasibility Study

At the moment you rely on expensive, erratic manual assessments but you’re wondering whether you can automate this process. Drop us a line to discuss a viability appraisal for your use case. You might be surprised at how far Artificial Intelligence has come.

Tailor-Made Artificial Assessors

We build bespoke machine learning solutions to assess the condition of any road surface under the sun. Our artificial assessors provide the exact same asset reports your manual assessors are turning in, but to a far higher standard and at a fraction of the cost.

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Road surfaces need to be inspected regularly for faults, but manual inspections are error-prone, expensive, and sometimes even dangerous. That’s why we’re developing FaultNet: a cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence which automatically detects road surface defects using cellphone or dashcam footage

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